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Old Guns & Whispering Ghosts

Novel: The Medicine Bear

Lawmen of the West Unmasked

Traveling Medicine Show

About The Author

“The passion and fun of living the Wild West lifestyle oozes off of every single page... makes me excited, envious and inspired.” 

–Bob “Boze” Bell 
 Publisher & Editor, True West Magazine


Entertaining and informative writings for the lovers of Old West History, Backwoods Wisdom and Wild Ways. Here is where you will find prolific author Hardin’s empowering Southwest tales and politically incorrect commentary, firearms of the 1800s and those who carried them, old-time traveling medicine shows, the seldom told stories of famous Western sheriffs who were in actuality scoundrels as well as those lesser known Peace Officers who acted most honorably and heroically... plus a moving novel about a healer and her adventurer lover during the final days of the frontier West.


To read about any of Jesse Hardin’s many books on folk herbalism and natural healing,
go to www.PlantHealer.org
Otherwise, proceed to the menu above and pick your poison. 180 proof. No artificial ingredients added.


“Hardin has a fascinating style.... almost lyrical. His perspective on the Old West is both romantic and dramatic. I spent some of my formative years long ago on the banks of the Cimarron River listening to Navaho storytellers relate tales of their ancestors and the history of that part of New Mexico. Jesse’s writing is worthy of those fascinating chronicles.”

–Ned Schwing, Author, Editor, Gun Digest Books