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About The Author


Jesse L. Wolf Hardin is a lifelong student of Western history, plant medicine and antique firearms, sociology and politics, working as an author, artist, presenter and storyteller. He lives with his family seven river crossings from the nearest road, surrounded by millions of acres of undeveloped national forest land in an isolated canyon in the Gila wildlands of Southwest New Mexico.

Jesse has penned articles about everything from self-help insights to fine cooking and native vision quests, primitive hunting and natural medicine, and is the co-publisher of the most acclaimed publication for folk herbalists, Plant Healer Magazine. His articles have appeared in over a hundred different magazines including Guns, Grey’s Sporting Journal, Mother Earth News and the International Arms & Militaria Collector. Many of Hardin’s insightful writings evoke the feel of the Wild West: “an enlivened time and place where nature and experience are the teachers, and the only true authority is one’s own feeling heart.” He occasionally gives presentations at museum functions and conferences, and produces one new book each year.

As a boy Jesse lived in several large cities, spending most his spare time reading books about those untamed Indians and old time desperadoes, self reliant mountain men and freedom-loving cowboys who inhabited the early American frontier. Running away from military school at age 13, he hung out with outlaw motorcyclists and back-to-the-land hippies before following his heart home to New Mexico. From 1974-78 he worked as a sportsmen;s guide, attended Mt. Man rendezvous and operated an art gallery in Taos. In 1979 he moved to the ghost town of Mogollon in the Gila wildlands, and the following year purchased the elk and wildfowl sanctuary where he still lives, writes and draws. For the first 10 years the only means that Jesse had for getting into his property was via horse and burro, during which time he learned first hand what it was like living in the Southwest from the 1830’s until well into the 20th Century.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.



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